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My First Time Gloryhole

I was enjoying a drive around Texas on some pleasurable time off work. I had stopped in a mid-sized town in north Texas to spend the night at a small hotel. It was early afternoon still, but I was tired of driving and decided to stop for the day. I was on my way to an early dinner when I passed an adult bookstore. I had watched so many gloryhole swallow videos about such a place it was unreal. It was also long past time I figured to stop and check one out in real life. 
One day I was home from work watching gloryhole swallow videos and stroking my hard cock.
Later, I drove into the parking lot of the video store and looked around at the six or seven vehicles that where there. I recall that they were all nice clean reasonably new cars and trucks I took that as a good sign of the type of people that were already inside. I parked and stashed my wallet under the seat, after taking out a ten-dollar bill. I had looked up the place on Google and knew I would need eight bucks to get into the gloryhole swallow videos area.
I noticed one of the booths in the middle was playing videos of nothing but cock sucking. I stepped inside and pulled the door closed behind me. I turned the lock in the knob and turned to look around the booth. It was small, maybe three feet deep and three feet wide. The video screen was on the wall that the door was on. There was a simple wooden bench to sit on. The seat was not attached to the floor, so it is easy to move around if desired. What got my attention was three gloryholes. Each end and the back wall all had a hole about ten inches in diameter around one meter from ground
After not much longer, I'm on cock number three in my ass, as two others have left their cum deep inside me, and I'm almost ready to cum. Finally, I gave all semen into number three Gloryhole
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